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The historical background of Indian jewellery takes us back to the history of the country itself as both are almost equally old. It was around 5000 years ago when the curiosity to beautify themselves by adorning some jewellery pieces arouse in people. Since the beginning of the journey, the charm of jewellery and the beauty of Indian women by adorning it never separated. It is rare to find any woman in India who may not have ever loved to decorate herself with jewellery.


The bridal jewellery is chiefly created to match with the attire of the bride. The theme and the color of the jewellery play a pivotal role in giving it the intricate look. To add to the attractive element of the ornaments, diamonds and various other gems are used on the base metal of gold.The art of cutting and polishing precious and semi-precious stones for creating a mesmerizing jewelry piece has been the skill of Indian craftsmen since ages. In the modern world, though a lot of modernized styles have been used to meet the style of the urbanized civilization, the traditional style of jewelry couldn’t be moved out of fashion and it is still the most loved form of jewelry adorned by Indian women on various festive occasions. The best part about the contemporary Indian market is its beautiful blend of traditional and modern jewelry available in both gold and silver metals decorated with dazzling precious stones that attract everyone’s attention.


The significance of jewellery in the life of women in India is evident from the jewellery gifts they receive from their own birth to the birth of their babies.  Some ornaments like mangalsutra, nose ring and toe ring are considered to be integral parts of the makeup of a married Indian woman. Since ancient times, the tradition of gifting jewellery items has continued. The only difference is in the designs of the contemporary jewellery which has become modern in design to cater to the needs of the twenty first century women.

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